Amasani (The Grandmother)

2017 / 13min. / United states 

When Riley gets suspended from school, her mother sends her to spend a day with her grandmother. Although Riley is resistant at first, the loving and strong nature of her grandmother opens Riley’s world as she learns more of her Diné culture and language.

Screening Saturday, April 7 10:30 am

Director: Stacy Howard 

Director: Stacy Howard 

Raised on the Navajo Reservation by a single mother who valued her Navajo teachings, Stacy Howard is of the Many Goat clan and born for the Deer Spring clan; Bitter Water is her maternal grandfather and Red House is her paternal grandfather. She graduated film school at Scottsdale Community College and began supporting herself independently by working at an inpatient hospital. The first time her grandmother asked what she was studying in college, Stacy said in Navajo, “movies”. Disapprovingly, her grandmother asked why. “To make movies for you,” Stacy replied.