Green River: The Time of the Yakurunas

2017 / 69 min / Peru

This gorgeous, poetic documentary takes us on a hypnotic journey into the depths of the jungle and through three small villages connected by the Amazon River. A man paddles his canoe along the flowing waters of the mighty river under which the Yakurunas are said to live in cities that mirror our own. Sounds of ayahuasca chants accompany his voyage, on which he encounters powerful elders who evoke the ghosts of the rubber industry that facilitated colonialism at the end of 19th century. Río Verde is a remarkable film that confronts the tendrils of global capitalism through a deeply intimate portrait of life in the Amazon.

Screening Friday, April 6 3:30 pm


Brothers Alvaro and Diego Sarmiento are two of Peru’s fastest-rising filmmakers. Together they have alternated duties as director and producer on a number of celebrated projects that have screened at festivals the world over. Alvaro is a visual artist, screenwriter and producer who wrote and directed the award-winning short "Kay Pacha" (2014) and wrote and produced "Sonia’s Dream" (2015). In addition to producing, Diego has directed several short films, including "Earth’s Children" (2014) and "Sonia’s Dream" (2015). Río Verde, is their first feature film