La Palabra de la cueva

2017/ 30 min / mexico

In this short documentary, the directors discover a deep relationship between the paintings in the Cave of Painted Dolls with the contemporary religious practices of the Rarámuri people.

Screening Friday, April 6 3 pm

Directors: Maria Sosa (pictured) , Jorge Scobell, Noe Martinez (pictured)

Directors: Maria Sosa (pictured) , Jorge Scobell, Noe Martinez (pictured)

Noé Martínez develops through his artistic practice a temporal journey that starts from his personal experience and the immediate context to create historical and critical journeys mapping the consequences of political, social and historical processes in daily life, recording local realities in different supports with a special interest in memory as an ideological inscription space. Using reconstruction as an aesthetic operation, Noé Martínez's work is a case study record that emerges from his personal history to position himself critically to social phenomena. Topics such as language, the history of the European invasion in the sixteenth century and ethnic re-elaboration and revindication in the current political processes of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the political potential of the memory surround the reflections of Noé

Martínez who questions the elaboration and interpretation of the common past. Through ethnographic compilation, field research and the study of archives Noé Martínez generates artistic approaches that reconstruct affections and ideological circumstances from the phenomenology of the image and the artistic object.