Nkwi naya tonko compromise de palabra

2017/ 20 min / mexico

The story of Francisco Núñez, a prayer leader and flutist for the traditional chareos dance from the Nangué community of San Pedro Amuzgos, Oaxaca.

Screening Saturday, April 7 2:10 pm

Director: Ismael Vasquez Bernabe

Director: Ismael Vasquez Bernabe

Ismael Vásquez Bernabé (Oaxaca, 1989) studied Culture, Language and Memory at the Intercultural University of the Peoples of the South (UNISUR). His main interest is in the strengthening of his cultural roots. He collaborated in the documentary Unisur Xochistlahuaca , in 2010, with the La Claqueta Cultural Association. In the same year, he participated in the Bureau of Political Culture and Citizenship with the presentation "The gift of the word in the dance of Chareos of San Pedro Amuzgos", in the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH). He currently resides in Mexico City.