2017/ 10 min / united states

A young woman, overcome by grief, contemplates a dark path after the painful loss of her little girl. But a dreamlike encounter deep in the woods shows her that life is worth living after all.

Screening Saturday, April 7 1:30 pm

Director: Razelle Benally   

Director: Razelle Benally


Razelle Benally is an emerging independent filmmaker dedicated to creating stories
with strong Indigenous female protagonists and hopes to bring a new perspective to the male-dominated film industry that has a history of marginalizing Indigenous peoples.  

She has helped facilitate several film workshops with Native youth in Oregon, South Dakota and New Mexico. Her film work has
shown in Portland, Oregon, Long Beach, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and internationally in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, and Stockholm, Sweden. She was the 2010 Santa Fe Indian Market jury-awarded winner for Best Documentary in SWAIA’s Classification X and is an alumna of the 2012 Sundance Institute Native Filmmakers Lab as well as an awardee of the 2015 Sundance Institute Native Short film Production Grant for her most recent completed work I Am Thy Weapon.