the mountain of sgaana

2017 / 10 min / canada

A wondrous tale of a young man stolen away to the spirit world by a SGaana (the Haidaword for “orca”) and the young woman who rescues him. Will the lovers manage to escape the SGaana’s undersea mountain, or will they forever become part of the spirit world? This dream-like gem brilliantly entwines traditional animation with formal elements of Haida art, which are brought to life by a rich, evocative palette and stylized effects.

Screening Saturday, April 7 10 am

Director: Christopher Auchter

Director: Christopher Auchter

Drawing inspiration from the Indigenous iconography and cosmology of the Pacific Northwest, Auchter (above) puts his own stylish and comic touch on an epic legend of loss and retrieval — conjuring up a supernatural realm inhabited by shape-shifting killer whales, good-for-nothing martens and the miniature grandmotherly figure of Mouse Woman.