when they awake

2017 / 90 min / canada + US

When They Awake documents a remarkable crop of established and emerging Indigenous musicians in a moment of cultural and political resurgence. Based on Louis Riel’s famed statement “My people will sleepfor 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back”, When They Awake is a tour de force about this new generation. From Idle No More to Standing Rock, Indigenous musicians across North America are making their voices heard. Working in every genre from Hip Hop to Rock to EDM and beyond, this crop of native musicians are channeling the pain of the past into a stirring, hopeful vision of the future. Featuring 20+ artists — from modern trailblazers A Tribe Called Red and Tanya Tagaq, and from folk stars Leela Gilday to trip hop sensation IsKwé —  When They Awake is a magnum opus to the musicians changing the contemporary music scene, giving the people their spirit back and, in the process, changing society. www.WhenTheyAwake.com

Screening Friday, April 6 10 am


Directors: P.J. Marcellino and Herman Farahi

PJ MARCELLINO is a Toronto-based producer/director with Longyearbyen Media. He was previously a photo-reporter, journalist, author, and editor, and later a political advisor with international agencies, before reinventing himself as a filmmaker, bringing onto the screen a sense of urgency and empathy developed working on hard-hitting socio-political issues such as migration, human security, and peace-building. He studied Documentary Filmmaking at Toronto's Documentary Film Institute at Seneca College.

HERMON FARAHI is a cultural anthropologist, filmmaker and creative director with Cause Affects Films (Circle Group, Las Vegas). Farahi brings a balanced academic approach to his work, including short docs produced/directed in challenging environments across the global south, namely Everest and Guam. He is increasingly involved in grassroots social justice and minority rights movements in the US. He’s a graduate in Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking from George Washington University.