Among Us — In The Land of Our Shadows
(Akornatsinnlittut – Tarratta Nunaanni)

2018 / 95 min / Greenland

This suspense-filled sci-fi adventure for all ages draws on Greenlandic culture, myth, folklore and legends, with a healthy dose of humour. When Nukappi (Casper Bach Zeeb) begins to have strange dreams he does not understand, he and his childhood friend Mio find themselves swept up in a world of Angakkoq (shaman), sorcerers, and evil spirits. When Nukappi is told he is one of the last remaining Angakkoq in Greenland, the stage is set for a future he never envisioned and a power he must learn to yield. After discovering the Tarratta Nunaanni, a dark parallel world that threatens their own, the guys become key players in an epic battle between good and evil with our reality hanging in the balance.  

Screening Saturday, April 6, 8:00 pm

Born in Denmark, Marc Fussing Rosbach has worked as a visual effects artist, composer, and editor on a number of film, TV and music video productions in his native Greenland. He was also a TV host for Nuuk-based Tumit Production and is the CEO and founder of Furos Image, a production company based in Greenland