Ka Piko

ka piko.jpg

2017/ 9 min / united states

Makana, a young Native Hawaiian man, struggles with his tenuous connection to his Hawaiian culture. When his girlfriend dies during childbirth, he is forced to complete a traditional indigenous birthing ritual with his girlfriend’s overbearing father. Together, they go on a journey that takes them down the long and winding roads of Hawaii island and up the tallest peaks of Mauna Kea in order to fulfill a promise and pave the path toward their uncertain future.

Screening Friday, April 5 10:00 am

Bryson Chun is a 2016 Sundance Film Festival Native Shorts Lab Fellow. His film, Ka Piko, premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2017, where it was nominated for a “Best Short” award at the festival. Bryson has produced a wide array of award-winning short and feature film projects, including the film No More Aloha, which screened at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival in London and the feature documentary ‘Ike: Knowledge is Everywhere.